Driving on the Ceiling with the Zero Gravity Micro RC Car

Zero Gravity MicroOn first look you’d be forgiven for thinking the Zero Gravity Micro is like most other palm sized remote control cars. It can drive on most level surfaces including kitchen floors, laminate flooring, wall and roofs. Yes you read that correct the Zero gravity Micro can drive on walls and ceiling.

Zero gravity RCThis highly maneuverable RC car is capable of driving across any smooth surface without falling off and crashing below. The integrated Venturi suction system work a bit like a vacuum cleaner, creating enough down force to keep it stuck securely to the wall. Add to that two performance modes for regular driving the right way round or flick the switch to extreme for some upside down action.

Zero gravity remoteThe Zero Gravity Micro RC can transmit on 4 frequencies for extreme upside down racing against friends. Powered by a rechargeable battery, simply plug the car in, charge and off you go. For you worried about the car falling off the ceiling once the battery is drained, worry not the headlights start flashing when the battery is low.

Available now from Firebox

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