Yondi – super cute travel pillow for kids

There is nothing that sends a child off to sleep faster than a trip in the car – but car seats don’t provide the most comfortable sleeping arrangements. Stop their heads from lolling forwards, and protect their posture with the comfy Yondi pillow. Suitable for kids from 1-8 it helps them to stay safe and comfy on planes, in cars, on trains – or anywhere else they drift off.

Designed by the people behind the award-winning Trunki ride-on suitcase, the Yondi is shaped to fit behind the head, whilst its neck-hugging paws connect underneath the chin using ingenious magnets, keeping your tot in a comfortable sleep. Yondi is incredibly cute, and even double-sided for winter and summer use.

There are two sizes to choose from: small for ages 1 to 4 and medium for ages 4 to 8. Both sizes are available now from Firebox from just £11.95.

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