Halsall Toys have the X Factor

X Factor Board GameX Factor may have just finished, but British toy producer Halsall have came up with the answer to help fill the void. The X Factor board game allows up to 6 players to experience the journey each contestant takes on the way to the final.

Travelling round the board competitors will pass through recognizable locations including auditions, boot camp, the judge’s houses and then the grand final. Start by choosing from 6 potential X Factor champions including Mikey “the cute male vocalist” and Angels the ambitious girl group.

Played around the electronic judge’s console, featuring flashing lights, sound-alike judges voices and the instantly recognisable theme tune. Whilst making the way round the board players must answer questions and collect votes, which can be used to buy funky new haircuts and outfits helping prepare the player for their shot at the coveted recording contract.

Coming this spring for around £19.99

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