WRex the Dawg

Wrex the dogLess a dog and more of a mutt, WRex has been made to look like he was built from spare parts and acts as crazy as he looks. He’s WowWee’s brilliant interpretation of what was a tired product. Instead of making another robot dog, they’ve given this one a humour injection. Just like some of the most famous robot dogs, WRex the Dawg occassionally malfunctions, except with this mutt it’s intentional! This crazy mutt might ignore you, or even start acting like a cat, but don’t worry, you can reset his circuits!

Wrex the dogHe can happily roam about autonomously on his rear wheels, avoiding obstacles using infared sensors, or play with you, and obey your commands. He has 3 moods (happy, angry and crazy) and 3 desires, or needs (exercise, hunger and…ahem…call of nature). With full facial animation and ‘slot machine’ eyes, WRex will let you know how he’s feeling and what he needs. He can go into ‘guard’ mode, protecting your room just like a real mean junkyard dog, or just keep you amused with his panting, ear twitching and waggy tail.

Also available in a mini version, WRex is definitely a contender for man’s best robo-friend.

Available now from Hamleys and Character-Online

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