The elusive Wii Fit…

So, the much anticipated Wii Fit was released in April of this year, and was tipped to be Nintendo’s biggest selling game of the year – if you can find it… But why are they sold out everywhere? Too big a demand for the manufacturer Nintendo to keep up with? Or are they being as sneaky as Sony usually are and with-holding stock for the Christmas rush? Either way we’ve scoured the net and come up with a list of retailers that still have it in stock:

Everythingplay even have a dedicated ‘Wii Fit shop to show off just how much stock they have.
Comet have bundled the Wii Fit with the Wii Play and are selling it for £139.99.
Techfocus have a range of Wii Fits and accessories in stock.
If you know of any others – let us know!

But is it worth it? It’s a momentous day as ToyHype launches our first poll to find out what you think:
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