Wheelybugs Review

Cow WheelybugSome history..
The Wheelybugs range is developed by UK toy producers Hippychick. Developing toys aimed at babies and toddlers up to the age of 5, Hippychick chick has made its name by creating toys that kids will love and parents will love laying around a stylish home.

Value for money
The Wheelybugs are available in two sizes, small and large. These are priced at around the £50 and £60 price range. This price is accredited to the handmade craftsmanship that goes into making every Wheelybug to the highest standard and this quality really shows.

Ladybird WheelybugOut of the box
As you would expect the Wheelybug requires no setup instructions and your kids will be quickly zooming around in no time.

The Wheelybugs really are a simple design, but they really do work. Built on plastic castors (similar to that of TV units), the wheels allows kids to move in all directions including sideways easily. Designed for use on level surfaces the Wheelybugs are restrained to the like of pavements or laminate flooring, but have zero chance of working on grass.

The main body has a comfy layer of padded sponge, which is covered with polyurethane to help against the elements.

Bumble Bee WheelybugLongevity
There is a reason that the Wheelybugs have been around since 2001 with their designs rarely changing. Kids love these guys and love them even more when there is enough for the friends to play on too. The simple design and excellent craftsmanship will result in years of fun. Well at least until they grow out of them (the box says for 2-5 year olds).

Pricing and availability
Alongside the many online stores stocking the full range of the Wheelybugs they are also available in high street stores including Boots, Mothercare and John Lewis. Pricing varies for the small and large versions, but look hard and you can one for as low as £42.

Available from: Amazon, John Lewis and Hamleys



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