V for Vendetta Mask – best seller for strange reasons

v for vendetta maskYou’ve seen them in the newspapers and on the TV, wearing the masks and protesting outside of Scientology establishments – but do you know where they come from? Originally V for Vendetta was a ten issue comic book series but it was made into a popular film a few years ago. In a nutshell it is set in a dystopian future, after a nuclear war, when the UK is run by a totalitarian government. A mysterious figure called “V” is an anarchist revolutionary who wears the Guy Fawkes mask, during his elaborate campaign to bring down the government.

Whether you want to wear them in a protest rally, for Halloween, or just as a tribute to the film and books – the masks are available from Forbidden Planet Internationalfor just £4.99. They are the website’s current best sellers, but probably for stranger reasons than the Doctor Who 2007 Action Figures who almost match their sales!

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