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Super Mario Bros on the Wii

February 11, 2010 // 0 Comments

Nintendo’s new Super Mario Bros game for the Wii is a side-scrolling platform game which has been critically acclaimed and has made best seller lists across Europe. It is the first Super Mario Bros since the arcade game to feature simultaneous multiplayer play. Players can play as either Mario, Luigi, or a choice of two Toad characters. Along with the usual Mario series items, as well as the Mini Mushroom from the last game, new items have been added: The Propeller Suit, which allows players to fly; the Ice Flower, which allow players to freeze enemies with ice balls; and the Penguin Suit which, on top of the Ice Flower’s ability, allows players to slide along the ground and across water as well as have better control on ice and in water.

The New Super Mario Brothers Game is now available from

Black Nintendo Wii available from Friday

November 3, 2009 // 1 Comment

The countdown is on. The new Nintento Black Wii comes to the UK this Friday. The console was previously only available in Japan, but the black Nintendo Wii will reach Europe on 6th November

The “limited edition” black Wii bundle includes the new black console plus a black Remote, Nunchuk, and MotionPlus. The box also includes a copy of Wii Sports Resort and the original Wii Sports. Nintendo has said that you will be able to buy black Wii Remotes separately from 20th November.

As with the other Nintentdo Wii’s, the Black Wii will be completely backwards compatible, even back to the NES of the 1980s. It will also feature built-in Wifi, access to the Online Wii channel, and more.

The full Black Wii bundle is available from for just £164.99 with free delivery.

Retro Nintendo Mini Gameboy Games

July 23, 2009 // 0 Comments

In keeping with my retro toys theme this week, I bring you the Gameboy Mini Classics from Nintendo. Hailing from the days when your ‘portable’ game player required a separate hold-all to carry the thing, my gameboy helped me pass time on many boring car journeys. These little gems are far more portable, and while the graphics will never rival those of the latest mobile gaming devices, you can while away the hours with a choice of three classic games!

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