The new View-Master by Mattel & Google!

new view-master

The View-Master we all know and love has been reinvented thanks to Mattel & Google, introducing a new way to explore and discover! Set to launch in Autumn this year, we’ve decided to find out what thew new View-Master has to offer.

new view-master

The original was first launched in 1939 and used small coloured film that brought images to 3D life.


Previous version of View-Master

The new View-Master works with an app and compatible Android smartphone, allowing users to take dynamic trips to explore famous places, nature, planets and more in 360 degree “photospheres”

Mattel recommend the toy for ages 7+ and that the new View-Master should only be used for short periods of time.

Offering “interactive learning” Mattell explains that users will be placed in the center of enchanced enfironments for imaginative and interactive learning.

We will be able to take a virtual field trip to Paris or visit historic Alcatraz Island, interacting with surroundings in order to discover facts.

Allthough the new View-master does need a compatible smart phone, the product itself is pretty reasonably priced, set to launch at $29.99.

Optional additional reels come in at four for $15.00 to add more immersive experiences.

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