The most addictive game is now in pink

Bop It Extreme 2 is now available in girly pink, and at a massive discount off the RRP in the January sales. If you have never played, or have no idea what a Bop It is it’s…well…it’s awesome. Pull it, flick it, spin it, twist it or bop it in time to the beat as the spoken and musical commands test your reflexes.

The ludicrous fun of Bop It simply cannot be exaggerated. It will draw you in and won’t let you go for weeks! Like all the great crazes, it is deceptively simple to pick up, yet becomes infuriatingly difficult to master as you progress, and will always leave you wanting more, desperate to beat your record. You can train yourself in single player mode to hone your skills for the multi-player carnage.

Available now for just £9.99 from

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