THE best Elmo toy EVER…I hope

Elmo LiveI don’t care if it isn’t Christmas for another 99 days (ish, who’s counting…) but I want Santa to bring me one of these! The latest incarnation of Sesame Street’s Elmo is as alive as you could make him. Elmo’s mouth opens and closes just like the ‘real’ muppet when he talks, and his mannerisms are…well I believe it’s the real Elmo in the video – but you tell me what you think.

He sits down, crosses his legs, tells stories and jokes, sings and even hugs you. Hopefully we’ll get one to review in the fuzzy flesh around the toy’s launch in October, but until then – if anyone’s got to play with one, let me know what you thought of it

The toys will be available from for £59.99 from mid October.

In the meantime – this is a video from the Fisher Price unveiling earlier this year:

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