The best baby toy in the world?

Once upon a time I was pregnant with my first baby. I researched the best, most stimulating baby toys – I chose the Einstein of bears to be his first teddy then patiently waited for him to arrive. A week overdue, and slightly emotional, I impulse bought a Jellycat Bashful Bunny. It was probably the cutest thing I had ever seen and I had to have it. Six months of trying to bribe my son to like the Einstein bear…I gave in and accepted that ‘Mr. Bunny’ was his toy of choice.

It’s his third birthday soon and Mr. Bunny still goes EVERYWHERE with him. I bought him a replacement one to keep as a spare, then I saw the tiny one and bought that, then one day we spotted the big one and got him that…suddenly there are bunnies dominating his pillow. I’ve just had baby number 2 and I was determined she would not end up with the same bunny obsession, so we bought her elephants, monkeys, teddies – everything cuddly you could name until one fateful day at the zoo.

She was four and a bit months old, barely able to grasp anything with purpose when she reached out of the buggy, grabbed a Blossom Bashful Bunny from the shelf and squealed with joy as she buried her face into its perfect, baby-safe, soft fur. I caved and bought it. That night, cuddling the bunny was the first night she slept more than 2 consecutive hours! I can’t prove it was the bunny, but I believe in it!

So what’s so great about the Jellycat bashful bunny? A lot of the Jellycat range has the same great features:
- suitable from birth
- comes in a fantastic range of colours
- incredibly soft fur

But the bunny has 3 features that my kids love:
- just enough nose to bite and suck when teeth are coming in
- super soft ears they rub on their cheeks when they are tired
- the perfect width of neck for big squeezy baby cuddles, and later, for a one-handed toddler carry.

I’m team bunny! Anyone else have a Bashful Bunny tale to share?!

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