That Lego Simpsons Episode

For the mammoth 550th episode of “The Simpsons”, the world’s favourite disfunctional family has been transformed into the world’s favourite building blocks! “It’s not selling out, it’s co-branding!” yells Homer…but do we believe him?

Every set, vehicle and character was turned into a Lego piece for the show as Homer learns lessons about parenting (not an unusual thematic concept for The Simpsons!) and dreams of a world that is not made of blocks. Of course it’s a bit of an advert. Lego released the 2,523 piece set of The Simpsons House in February – and no one is denying that there were perks for both sides in creating this episode!

According to The Simpsons Executive Producer, Al Jean, ‘It was just the love of Lego’ that pushed the creative team to create the landmark episode. Whether it’s a pure advert for that amazing Lego playset or not, like the Lego Movie, it was so much more than an advert. The jokes were funny, the animation was amazing – we loved it, but did you?

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