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Some history..
Sprig Toys, Inc., is an eco-friendly company dedicated to making the best toys the right way. Inspired by a desire to keep kids active and the planet healthy, Sprig is dedicated to “infusing creativity, smart design, quality manufacturing, earth-friendly materials, product satisfaction [...] into a superior line of fun, kid-powered toys”. The result is this exciting line of battery-free, eco-friendly, paint-free, kid-powered toys designed to dazzle the most discriminating preschooler.

Value for money
The range is wide and there are prices to suit all pockets. Despite being made from recycled materials the quality is incredibly high on all of the products and compared to the flimsy, plastic push toys we’ve looked at before, the Sprig range is much more up to the demanding play of a pre-schooler (or an office of big kids for that matter!)

Sprig toysOut of the box
We are looking at the Discover Rig in particular, and after opening the box (made of recycled cardboard with no plastic – nice to see that they practice what they preach throughout) the toy is ready to go. No batteries, no stickers, and nothing to unwrap. This is the fastest out-of-the-box toy we’ve ever seen! You can build and add the removable handle in a few clicks, but it’s purely optional. With nothing small and no wrapping tags for little ones to choke on, this really is the most kid friendly packaging this reviewer has seen in a while.

Sprig carPlayability
The Discover Rig encourages movement. The more you push or pull it, the more the power store charges and the more things happen! The set comes with the figure of Cap Faraday, but can seat up to 3 characters at one time. The character in the driver seat takes the reigns, and sings, talks and lights the way on the adventure. If you would rather it was ‘quiet play’ time, then simply choose a different option on the bottom of the Rig. There are 3 modes of play: Search (lights only), Rally (lights and motor sounds), and Adventure (lights, motor, dialog, sound effects and songs). We have thoroughly adult and child-tested this toy and no one is tired of it yet! A toy designed to encourage kids to run around and play in a world where TV has become the babysitter gets our vote everytime

No batteries, nothing breakable, and interchangeable characters…this toy is set to become a classic. Whenever a child grows too tall to push the Discover rig with the handle, remove it and let them drive it by hand. Whenever they outgrow the characters, the toy is tough enough to become a hand-me-down and with a range of characters from the Captain to Violet Rio, I think girls and boys will love it equally.

Pricing and availability
The Discover Rig is priced at just £49.97 from Tesco Direct, or £49.95 from Firebox. Violet Rio is sold separately for about £9.99 – but is worth it in my opinion!

Sprig kids toysSummary
To be honest, despite being a devoted eco-warrior, I wanted to not like this toy. It’s environmentally friendly, encourages role play, active play, musical interaction and more. It would be too easy to go ‘wow – aren’t these guys great!’ so we were secretly hoping that the toy would be rubbish, that no one would play with it and that we could say ‘nice try, but no thanks.’ Unfortunately…the Discover Rig is great. To hear a 30 year old man shout ‘switch Violet for Cap, it’s my turn!’ at a four year old was enough proof for me of this toy’s universal appeal. The ‘adventure’ mode takes a few minutes of hard play to warm up to singing and story telling, but the kids persevered because they really wanted to get to the good part. Like building a model aeroplane, the play is so much more satisfying when you’ve put the effort in.

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