Space Hopper lives on!

Retro Space HopperOK, so it’s a toy so dated it’s now ‘kitsch’ and ‘retro’, but I don’t care. I love it and I want one. It comes complete with pump and the classic funny face in a range of colours. The space hopper makers claim that this is “The new updated version of the seventies space hopper” made now for both adults and children, but when pushed on what makes it updated they told us “well, it’s bouncier”. What more can I say, the new improved space hopper is has more hop than ever before. Get one for the kids and tell them that this is what was considered the height of cool when you were their age…then play on it when they go to bed!

Available from Amazon,, and Gadget Pages in adult and kids sizes (we won’t tell if you don’t)

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