Shocking Tanks Review

Shocking tanks reviewSome history…
The shocking tanks are part of a ‘Shocking Toys’ range by UK designers Paladone. The range includes everything from pens and lighters to quiz machines and toy guns. While not available direct from the manufacturer, many of these toys are available from one of our favourite toy stores, Hawkin’s Bazaar, which was reviewed here.

Value for money
At around £40 for a pair of tanks, they are quite competitively priced toys. No further expense is required as batteries are included, and only one set of tanks is required for a battle so I think it’s a bargain for the amount of playtime the toys provide.

Shocking tanks boxOut of the box
The packaging was attractive and most importantly, easy to open. There is no assembly required, and the batteries included are still going after over an hour of intensive play. Set up was easy – you just need to turn on the tanks and the remotes and you’re ready to play!

Shocking tanks setPlayability
The aim of the game is to shoot your opponent’s tank. Each tank has 6 lives – as indicated by lights on the top. When you hit the other person’s tank, they get a small shock through their remote control, which is a good incentive to not get hit! There are two levels for the shock – high and low, get a high shock and you’ll lose 2 lives instead of one! There is an easy reset button to restart the game and set your lives back to six when you’re ready to play again. You can’t just shoot the other person continuously as there is about a 3 second delay between shots.

The controls are a little tricky to master at first as they are designed to mirror those of a real tank, however, you soon become used to them.

We tested the tanks on tiled floors, carpets and outside concrete spaces, and while the tanks move slowly, they were easy to control on every surface.

Shocking tanksLongevity
I think that the tanks will stay fun for years to come. The shocks may be sore, but they aren’t dangerous and you can have hours of fun watching each other jump and spasm as you get shocked. Everyone wanted a go – but some chickened out after the first time they got a shock!

The tanks make a great party game, whether between guys trying to prove themselves, or warring couples! Our office loved them, and we had a lot of laughs.

There are groups they won’t be suitable for – the disclaimer says no kids under 14, and they aren’t to be used by those with a pacemaker. Also, I’m afraid you can’t play with them by yourself – but since the idea of the game is to give out shocks – I’m not sure why you’d want to!

Pricing and availability
The tanks are available now from Hawkin’s Bazaar.

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