Ride like Speed Racer with the Battle Morph Mach 6

Speed Racer Mach 6Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you’ll know about the Speed Racer movie that came out this summer. Speed Racer was born to race cars, and you can ride with him with the Battle Morph Mach 6 racer from Hot Wheels.

The car comes with a 5″ Speed action figure and all the weapons you saw in the film. Just put Speed in his car, snap on his protective canopy and rev the engine to hear the jet rockets go! Mach 6 comes with jump-jacks, so you can perform the same two wheeled stunts from the movie. Pull on the spoiler and see the massive arsenal of weapons, or push a button to activate the heat seeking missiles, cat claw tires and saw blades. With real lights and sounds, this is the ultimate boy-toy action figure, and I’m sure every fan of the movie will love it.

Available now from thetoyshop.com.

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