Retro Sweeties in time for Valentines Day

As an ode to the days when you could buy pockets full of sweets for just 20p, I Want One of Those bring you the Retro Sweet hamper in time for Valentines day. Why not share the classics with your kids and introduce them to the joy that is a Sherbet Fountain, or the messy fun of Dib Dabs?

The large wicker hamper (36.5 x 24 x 15cm) includes a selection of sweets such as Fruit Salads, Dolly Mixtures, Black Jacks, Flying Saucers, sugar mice, Wham Bars, Parmaviolets, Caramacs and (my personal favourite) Popping Candy, aka Space Dust.

Nostalgia in a hamper, a sugary blast from the past – and a great gift for everyone. Available for just £29.99 from

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