Remote Controlled Minions!

Remote Controlled Minion

This jumbo inflatable radio control Minion is over two feet tall, bringing Stuart to life in your living room! The remote control (RC) allows you to Drive your minion in all directions, indoors, outdoors and even make him dizzy with impressive 360° spins!

The Minion RC has become the top selling Minion product this year for Myer Toy shops Australia, the toy boasts the ability to vocalise nine different phrases as well as having a self-righting system ensuring aerial stability. The RC allows aspiring villians from 3 above to control, with ease, their very own Minion.


Radio controlled inflatable Minion
Over 65cm tall
9 built in sound effects
Spin 360 – drive forward, back – turn left – turn right
Self-righting system means stands upright even when knocked over or driven down stairs
Easy controls and safety aerial on handset allows anyone of any age to operate.
Range up to 8m
Indoors and outdoors use
Requires 1x9V battery for handset and 4xAA battery for drive


Since the release of the Minion Movie last week in Australia, Myer toy shops have acquired 1500 RC Minions and all have sold out. The retailer sold 500 in week 1 and since have listed the product as out of stock in some store showing the popularity for the merchandise as well as a massive under forecast from retailers world wide for the demand of Minion related toys.

We at Toy Hype have provided various retailers who currently stock the product here.




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