Nici’s latest Halloween range – spookily cute

witch nici toyIt’s that time of year again, but who can be afraid of witches and bats when their Nici characters look such cute?! There are 5 adorable creatures in Nici’s new Halloween range: Samantha the Witch, Sir Simon the Bat, Samuel the Cat, and Silvio the Raven.

The 15cm sound toys make spooky laughing noises when you press their tummies. I love Samuel the Cat who has a pink nose and a missing eye. If you know someone who could use a lucky black cat, he’s the perfect choice.

All of the characters are also available as keyrings and magnetic toys. If you’d rather have something a bit less cutesy, there’s always the super spooky crawling spider, or moving bat…..shudder!

With prices starting at just £4.99, I think it’s a great range for a halloween present that won’t rot your teeth! Available now from Cuddly Kingdom

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