Camel and Ant the Unlikeliest of animal friendships

Nici Camel and AntNici soft toys have kept up their tradition of regular soft toy releases with the arrival of Mo the Camel and Melinda the Desert Ant. These cuddly critters are always together and they love to go exploring. As you would expect from Nici, the range includes a host of apparel including various bags, wallets, MP3 and mobile phone holders.

What about the soft toys I hear you cry? Well this Nici range is a bit special compared to some of the others. Nici have tried to distinguish the difference in size of the Camel and Ant by releasing various sizes of plush. Melinda the ant is available in sizes ranging between 15 to 25cm, while Mo the Camel is available in sizes ranging from 15cm to a monstrous 120cm.

Mo the Camel and Melinda the Desert Ant are available now from UK soft toy store and Nici specialists Cuddly Kingdom.

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