Nerf Guns Review

Nerf Guns Review

Over the years we have tried many different Nerf Guns and we love them! They are a great way for kids to let of steam and have some fun, just be careful though – those bullets can hurt – no point blank range shots please!

What is a Nerf Gun

Nerf Guns are toy guns that shoot out foam bullets. These guns have developed into a highly popular craze in children across the UK and many adults! Nerf Guns come in all shapes and sizes with more varying features than you could imagine for toy guns. Head over to Argos who are offering 3 for 2 on selected toys, including Nerf Guns, to see what the hype is about.

Do We Love Them?

Yes we do! It is such a great idea that someone has made, in effect, a relatively safe toy gun that shoots rubber bullets. None of us want our kids to run around with BB guns but the obsession with guns won’t die out. The guns are beautiful designed and its no wonder kids love the bright colours and cool designs. ‘Nerf Wars’ are good fun! Most kids have Nerf Guns nowadays and taking the kids down to the park and letting them run riot with their friends and their Nerf Guns can be a full day out.

Could They Be Better?

Everything can always be better. The bullets are much safety than anything else one the market but they can be sore and I shudder to think about a bullet hitting a kid in the eye. The guns do have a tendency to jam as well and playtime with Nerf Guns could get overly aggressive with hyper kids.

Overall we think they are a brilliant ideas. Kids will always want to have gun fights, Nerf Guns are safer than alternatives and great fun!

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