Morph! He’s back!

MorphBut, they told me he was dead! They said the Aardman Studio’s fire got to him – but no, the mischevious Morph has made yet another comeback. The crazy little Plasticine character that lived in a wooden artbox on the infamous Tony Hart’s desk is now available to buy and build yourself under the name of ‘My Own Morph’.

In this officially licensed product, there are 3 blocks of plasticine, a wizard’s hat, a skateboard, a beard, a comic book and an instructional DVD complete with 15 Morph episodes – which to me makes it even more of a find!

If you’re in my wonderful generation you should remember the slideshow to the Deer Hunter theme, and Morph shaking his fist at Tony. If not then My Own Morph should still appeal to your imagination and creative side.

If you’re ready to tackle the challenge of creating your Own Morph, visit Firebox now for the latest pricing.

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