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Wearable tech has been all the range this year. From the growing use of fitbit, the hugely popular Apple Watch to VR headsets from a whole host of brands. Minecraft have also moved into wearable tech and have finally enabled users to play in their own world anywhere.

The Gameband has been described as stylish and futuristic-looking. It is the first-ever Minecraft wearable, it straps to your wrist for a comfy fit and features an easy-to-read clock. Simply slip it off and shove it into your computer’s USB when it’s time to Minecraft. When you’re done playing, it backs up your progress to its secure, cloud-based servers. And if you ever lose it, order a replacement and all your Minecraft data will be waiting for you.


Durable hardware

The Minecraft Gameband is both durable and elegant, the gameband was designed to endure. It features lux watch materials as well as cutting-edge technology allowing it to be an accessory to an outfit and talking point as opposed to a hidden away USB.

Hack your band

The Gameband website and app allow you to create your own messages, images, and animations for the Gameband LED display with the Gameband app. Creating a bespoke piece of wearable tech that is usueful as opposed to a gimic or something able to complete a very simple job. Being able to log onto any computer and play in your world is a big thing. Trust me!


Pre-loaded for fun

Minecraft know that they couldnt simply p[rovide a cloud saving and sharing system so theyve added some cool features such as  stunning maps from Sethbling, Hypixel, and Dragonz.

Incorporating technology into children’s toys is becoming more and more popular and traditional games have now seen more and more technology added into their ranges. For example – dolls and teddys have progressed to now include an app or internet connection enabling almost artificial intelligence experience that allow the toy to become more of an educational tool by being equipped to answer queries from the child. Check out Cayla here.

Now Minecraft who’s very basic game platform that’s very popular amongst all generations though most prolific with children has finally added a removable hard drive or a USB storage device to allow children of all ages accessing their own worlds on any computer.

Finally Gameband is the ultimate Minecraft fashion statement, complete with 140 LED lights used to display animations which can even be programmed with your own designs via Pixel Furnace software. Also on board the Gameband Minecraft are pre-loaded worlds, so whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, there’s something new for everyone.

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