To old for disney, but too young for MP3s? Meet the M Player!

mickey mouse mp3 playeriRiver and Disney introduce their new creation: The M Player! This officially endorsed product is shaped like the world’s most famous mouse, and is so small in size it can fit into even the tiniest kid’s pocket. It has a diameter of only 30mm and a weight of 18g, so while this player may get you noticed, you’ll barely notice it’s there. Not only that, it’s super easy to use to, and has enough functions to make sure it’s a great player as well as a must have fashion accessory! You control the player by twisting the ears. The left controls the volume and the right is for fast forward and rewind. It has about 9 hours playback on a fully charged battery and a pretty impressive 1GB storage which is enough for about 250 tracks (or the entire High School Musical discography)

The shape and bright colours alone show that this player is aimed at kids – and I think it’ll be a great stocking filler this year. Available now from Advanced MP3 Players for just £29.99


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