McDonald’s in India to swap out Happy Meal Toys for Books

Education is not normally something we associate with Global fast food giant McDonald’s, but their India branches are out to change that stereotype.

McDonald’s restaurants in India will now give out books instead of toys as their Happy Meals’ surprises in a move to “give kids another chance for education”.

“The introduction of books along with our popular Happy Meals is part of a global strategy, undertaken with the aim of delivering more value, fun and relevance for families [...] We realise that lifestyles are constantly changing around us and the Happy Meal books are yet another way in which McDonald’s is providing choices.” Ranjit Paliath, VP of business operations, McDonald’s India

McDonald’s chains across the world have been implementing changes to their Happy Meals over the last 12months, with healthier food options, but this is the first move to improve more than a child’s diet. The spokesperson from McDonald’s India quoted that children under the age of 6 in the UK own an average of 6 books, but in India here are only 3 books for every 100 children in the same age range. Their goal as a ‘leading family destination’ is to support the habit of reading at an earlier stage.

The books will cover a range of educational topics, including the human body, space, baby animals and scientific facts.

What do you think? Do you still take your kids to McDonald’s in this age of organic bento box lunches?

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