Marvin’s Magic Freaky Body Illusions Review

freaky body illusionsSome History…
Marvin’s Magic devised the first and only magic ever to receive the official recommendation from the world famous Magic Circle who promote excellence in magic. The man behind the magic, Mr. Marvin Berglas, also recently received the the top accolade available from the Magic Circle – ‘Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star’. From this alone you can assume that the tricks are of an incredibly high quality, and they live up to expectations!

Value for money
There are around 20 different illusions to master in the kit, some with fantastic magic props, and some demonstrated on the DVD that require a lot of practice and some slight of hand! I tried and tested as many as I could in an afternoon and still had loads more to try. For under £25 I think it’s great value for money – especially as a lot of the tricks you can perform anytime, anywhere, without props.

Out of the Boxfreaky body illusions
Everything is separately packaged and clearly marked so you know which prop belongs to which trick. There is a booklet, and a DVD detailing how to do every trick so it’s virtually impossible to get confused! I was very impressed by the set up.

We had kids, teenagers, twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings and….well you get the idea – everyone had a go and everyone loved it. There are few better feelings than showing off a magic trick that no one can figure out! The tricks include being able to twist your head 360 degrees, taking control of a live severed hand, flossing your brain and even levitating!

Freaky Body IllusionsLongevity
The amount of tricks included, and all the different levels really are more fun than you can shake a stick at. I am yet to be bored of them and I have been playing non stop for a week. It’s full of old favourites that never lose their appeal, plain good fun tricks and more. I hate to say it, but this is probably one of the best family games for Christmas day I’ve seen so far – just be careful not to scare Grandma by chasing her with a living severed hand…

Pricing and Availability
Available now from Marvin’s Magic or
buy now from Amazon.

We’ll also be launching a competition soon so you can win this amazing package in time for Halloween!

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