Magic Pens from Hamleys

These magic pens take me back. When I was little I thought these were the most incredible invention and when I finally owned a set of my own I thought I was a sourcerer!

Essentially you draw in one colour, use a magic pen and the colour changes. You can leave secret messages, draw seamless designs, create fantastic images. And it’s just as easy for the little ones to create amazing designs. Suitable for ages 3 and up, they are just the perfect thing for toddler boy who is currently loving drawing.

These pens are from Hamleys, and are helpfully colour coded to show what colour will appear when the cleverly named ‘magic pens’ draw over them. There are four different styles and colour combinations to choose from.

They’re £7 a pack, or currently 4 for £20 online and in store making them just £5 which is the perfect little stocking filler (yes, I said the word stocking…so shoot me). Do you remember these growing up? Or have your kids discovered them? Comment and let me know!

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