Lost me Find Me Child Alarms – pure genius.

lost me find meIt’s not too often that you sit back and slap your forehead with the classic cry of “Why didn’t I think of that?!” but these little inventions made me do just that (much to the amusement of my colleagues). We all know how cunning children are at wandering away in the split second you get distracted, causing mini heart attacks to their poor parents and guardians. Someone should invent a gadget to alert you the second they meander…well they have – introducing the Lost Me Find Me child alarm.

bunny alarmNow while we at ToyHype in no way advocate relying on technology to keep an eye on your kids, these are a back up for even the most conscientious parent. The gadgets are basically a proximity detector, with the transmitter hidden in cute and cuddly wrist bands for the little tyke, and a receiver alarm for parents to attach to your keys.

You’ll be alerted as soon as the little one goes exploring out of your pre-defined range (1-20 metres) allowing you to act straight away. Switch the receiver to locate mode, and it’ll go off as soon as your child is back in range.

Available in fluffy rabbit and tiger varieties now from Iwantoneofthose.com

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