Lego Monster Fighters for boys and ghouls…(sorry)

Halloween is designed for kids – dressing up, candy, staying up late…but the toys tend to let this holiday down. So the Toy Hype crew would like to thank Lego for stepping up to the plate this year.

Lego have ‘toyed’ with Halloween themes in the past, but the latest Monster Fighters collection goes all out, with Vampyre Hearses, Mad Professors, Mummies, Zombies, Ghost trains, and Werewolves.

The playsets are detailed to a level that makes us “older” kids excited – the Vampyre castle set, for instance, boasts shooting spiders, hidden spikes, a trapdoor, stairs, secret entrances, a coffin, organ, dungeon, hero car and 6 figures. You can even play the Monster Fighter’s Race App on your (or your parents’) iPhone/iPad

Matthew Ashton, LEGO vice president of design says; “We have dabbled with a few monster-based products in the past, but we really wanted to dedicate a whole line to this theme so kids could play out multiple adventures with a deeper story.”

“An image of a werewolf or a vampire in a kid’s head could potentially be quite terrifying,” he adds, “but once it has been squeezed through the tongue-in-cheek LEGO filter and lovingly applied to a blocky little figure with a trapezoidal torso, and given some oversized comedy fangs and claws, suddenly something scary becomes something fun.”

Well we love it, thanks Mr. Ashton! Check out the full range at Argos.

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