Lego Album Covers!

lego album covers

I love Lego – but who doesn’t?  I also love album art, and now I’m a responsible grown up and can’t have posters on my walls, I frame copies of albums and call it ‘art’.  Today I found a Tumblr that combines these two loves…

Harry Heaton takes famous and modern album covers and recreates them in 40×40 Lego grids.  From Pink Floyd to Rihanna, from Kings of Leon to Abba – he doesn’t discriminate against any genre.  The finished art may be understandably blurry, but they are brilliantly recognisable!

While the Toy fanatic in me would love to see actual photos of Lego constructions, I accept that these are digitally produced, but still – it was a brilliant way to waste away time trying to name as many albums as I could! Check them out at:

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