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Kimmidoll reviewSome history..

Combining the elegance of Eastern design with a contemporary range of stylish and modern giftware, the Kimmidoll range includes an ever-expanding variety of collectable character-based products, including keyrings, dolls, wallets, mugs, photo frames, aprons and bags, to name but a few.

Each character expresses, “One of Life’s True Values”, and carries a message intended as a token of friendship for the recipient. With 53 characters currently available, Kimmidoll products are fast becoming highly sought after collectables.

Value for money

Kimmidoll products start from as low as a couple of pounds and offer a huge variety of different products to choose from. From simple keyrings at around the £3-£4 mark, to extra large dolls at around £20+, the collection has enough variety to keep enthusiasts coming back for more.

Kimmidoll mugOut of the box

Kimmidoll products require no set up – simply open the box and unpack to enjoy.


Depending on the age of the collector, the playability of these items varies. Younger children may enjoy role playing with the dolls, as with any other kind of doll.

The real hook for young and old Kimmidoll enthusiasts alike is the Eastern chic which comes with these products. Their unique and unusual look draws fans to collect not only the characters in the range, but the different products for that character.

Children especially enjoy the collectability of the range and in no time will be looking for the school bags, keyrings and diaries to complete their prized Kimmidoll collection.

Kimmi dollLongevity

As the popularity of Kimmidoll soars, so does the range and variety of products to match collectors’ growing appetites. Kimmidoll continue to release new characters and product lines, giving the collection a wide appeal.

With products to suit the tastes of both adults and children, Kimmidoll are sure to provide a great deal of enjoyment for collectors of all ages for years to come.

Pricing and availability

Kimmidoll are currently available from a selection of online gift stores, as well as from a handful of high street card and gift shops. Starting from around £3-£4, the best prices and product variety can generally be found online.

Available from: GiftyGifts Kimmidoll Collection

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