KiiToys Quadcopter Drone RC Helicopter

With the growth of the remote control helicopter creating the huge market of pocket sized helicopter, Kii Toys brings a pocket size drone.

KiiToys brings to us a teeny weenie quadcopter with a 6 axis gyro to allow a stable flight and 4-channel radio control ensuring complete control indoors. This tiny quadcopter known as the X-10, can do 3D flips, weave in and out of glasses and even put on an air light show. It’s the smallest quadcopter in the world, and it’s perfect for kids of all ages.

The X-10 is so small measuring just 1.5″ x 1.5″ enabling a crash free flight indoors. It offers five to eight minutes of flight time on just one single charge as the battery has to be so small and light to be compatible with the drone and with a 6-axis gyro, flights are steady and stable. Unlike indoor helicopters that are constantly hitting doors and walls, with the Quadcopter you get full movement both left and right, whilst being able to steadily ascend and descend, and forward or backwards.

Want to have even more fun? This copter has a 3D flipping stunt to “wow” your friends. Because this copter is so tiny, you’ll need to fly it indoors. But with a 4-channel radio control, kids can fly multiple Quadcopters at once. The Quadcopter Drone comes in four colours: blue, pink, orange and green.

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