Interesting ways to fit in 5-a-day!

According to the media, more people have made the ‘lose weight and get fit’ resolution this new year than ever before, and to that end, Let’s Cook have come up with a fun way to help you get your kids involved in a healthy new lifestyle. The Fruit Factory has 3 fun ways to encourage kids to make and eat their 5-a-day portions of fruit.

The child-safe blender lets you to turn your favourite fruit into delicious juice and smoothies, or why not pour your smoothie into the special lolly cases, pop them into the freezer and enjoy healthy, yummy lolly pops?

The bright colours and ease-of-use will hopefully help kids to get more involved in the preparation, and make them more willing to try something healthy when they’ve seen what goes into it.

The Fruit Factory is available from Character-Online now for just £19.99

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