How I break through the clutter – Ideas for toy storage

We openly encourage your addiction to toys – sorry. So let us try and help with some interesting ways to keep the clutter down. If you’re a big-time Whovian collector, I probably can’t help you (apart from pointing you to the Limited Edition Dalek Death Ray Projector Replica…cool huh?!) but if you’re like me with two kids under 3 who enjoy hauling every toy out of the box here’s my tips for controlling the clutter:

Pay attention
- to what they have, what they play with and what they ignore. It’s the easiest way to spot what can be donated (without a toddler melt down).

Pull it all out
- probably best done when the tots are in bed. Lay it all out, divide and conquer. Put cars in a pile, dolls in another, building blocks…you get the idea. Then you can start to thin out the piles and see which piles can be moved in their entirety – Sports toys to the garage, board games to the living room, whatever works best for you.

Then…put it away

- make storage fun and accessible. If kids can reach containers easily and see it as a game, they’ll be more likely to put their toys away when they are done.
- put some higher. Anything that requires supervision should be kept out of reach.

And give it away
- if you can, get the kids to help thin out the toys they no longer want and make it a regular trip to donate the toys to ‘other kids’. I like to soften the blow by letting them choose a ‘new’ toy from the charity shop when they drop off some old ones.

Rotate what’s left
- We have six baskets (because that’s how many matching ones I have), each filled with a mix of toys. One bin comes out, and must go back before another one can come out. It’s not flawless, but we’ve never had more than two out at the same time – which leaves at least some floor space for the rest of us!

Well, it’s not rocket science, but I hope it helps!

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