HM Armed Forces Toys

The new HM Armed Forces toys are based on the real factions of the British Army, with input from the Ministry of Defence. The figures come in ranges of army, RAF and Navy and are based on the real soldiers of today. The Army range of detailed 10 inch action figures are based on the Infantry regiments. They are fully articulated and their battle vehicles are available too, including the Tactical Battle tank, based on the real Challenger 2.

The Royal Navy range includes figures of a Royal Navy Diver and Royal Marines Commandos, while the RAF squad even includes a Falcons Parachutist and Fast Jet Pilot.

Available now from Character-Online, the figures start from just £14.99, and range right up to the real working night vision goggles for £99.99. The idea of kitting pre-teen boys out with night vision goggles is probably something you should carefully consider though….

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