Soft Toys that Love being put in the Microwave?

Heatable sheepThe next generation of microwavable soft toys has just arrived at IWOOT. For those of you thinking what kind of sadist would put a soft toy in the microwave, don’t worry these toys are designed exactly for that. With previous generations of cuddly hot water bottles you’ve had to remove the heatable wheatsack and then place it back inside the cuddly toy, but with these new heatable pets you can place the full toy in the microwave.

Available in four different characters, choose from Lucy the Lamb, Chloe the Cow, Pedro the Pup or Percy the Polar Bear. If any of you out there can’t bring yourself to put a soft toy in the microwave, don’t worry the heatable pets work just as well by placing them on a radiator. Available now from IWOOT for £9.99

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