Guitar Hero – Air guitar Rocker Review

Air guitar RockerSome history…

Unless you reside on the moon (and even then it’s a poor excuse), you’ll be aware of the best selling Guitar Hero range available for games consoles. Available in so many different forms, the popular game has now launched in a format for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to own a console. Introducing Guitar Hero – Air Guitar!

Guitar Hero PickValue for money

At less than £30, I think it’s a great mid-range toy. Basically it allows you to strum and play along to the songs without wires and TV screens. The 10 pre-installed songs are set at different skill levels so it’s not a toy you’ll get tired of quickly. If you’re a modest sort it may be a game for the privacy of your own room – but for hyperactive kids and teenagers, however, it’s a great competition game.

Guitar Hero AmpOut of the box

The packaging was easy for even the most clumsy individual to get into. Inside is a belt buckle, 2 ‘Jammin Picks’, and 1 ‘Killer’ Amp that goes up to 11 (if you don’t get why that’s so cool, you aren’t a true wannabe rocker!). You can also plug the amp into external speakers if you’re planning on upsetting the neighbours (or your parents). Even our least technically minded writer was able to set it up without the instructions – all the controls are self-explanatory. So big plus for all of us at ToyHype – we like our gadgets to be easy to use!


First, you listen to the demo tracks made famous my Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Val Halen, and Boston then try to master each ‘killer’ riff on your own. If you’re embarrassed by your first attempts, fear not – you can plug in earphones and only crank it up to eleven when you’ve got it mastered. At first it is certainly a bit difficult to get your song sounding exactly like the track, and the strumming takes some practice to get the hang of, but it’s worth the persistence, as once you’ve got the hang of it, Air Guitar is great fun and is increasingly addictive as you work up the skill levels!

Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker

We gave it to a self-confessed Guitar Hero junkie in the office and he sat in the corner strumming away quite happily until we finally stole it back from him! Definitely a winning addition to the range.


It’s definitely a winner for the kids. They’ll love annoying their parents with this, and their parents will love buying them earphones to match their rocking new persona! I don’t know how long I can keep Guitar Hero loving adults away from the console version with this. BUT the ‘Air’ cartridge that stores the songs can be removed, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they release additional songs and levels soon – and that will certainly increase the longevity.

Guitar Hero Air CartridgePricing and availability

The Guitar Hero Air Guitar is available from all good toy stores, and is currently just £29.95 at Prezzybox.

Pssst….we’ll have one of these to give away in a week or two – so keep your eyes peeled!

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