Godzilla toys a monster disappointment

I want to love the new range of Godzilla toys. I love monster movies. Combine that with my love of pop culture and cult films and you can see why the new Godzilla movie is making me sweat. I’ve been hurt before. The last Godzilla movie was…well…let’s not talk about it. So then they release a 43″ Godzilla toy in the US – it’s beyond exciting. The promise of a good movie follows the launch of a cool toy! Finally I’m sent the press release for the action figures that Toys’R’Us will be selling in the UK and…well see for yourselves.

The image above is of the ‘deluxe destruction set’. Deluxe – really? For £19.99 you get Godzilla, another monster, three destructible buildings, a bridge, and five military vehicles. So not only are we NOT getting the giant, detailed, articulate Godzilla toy here in the UK, we’ll instead be given poorly detailed, unimaginative playsets. I’m not impressed, and to be honest, it’s already making me nervous for the film.

B7269.w300h300Then again, I’ve been wrong before. This incredibly detailed action figure to the right features 30point articulation, and at only 6″ tall, the quality is fantastic. It was released for the 1994 movie ‘Godzilla vs Space Godzilla’. Maybe the team of the new release have put so much time into the movie they forgot about the toys…fingers crossed!

The 1994 figurine is available from Forbidden Planet.

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