Gladiators Tat2 pen – non-permanent!

I suppose since the countdown has truly begun when we get sent toys and all we can think is ‘that’ll make a great stocking filler!’ But to be honest, I think this is in the top 10. Surely when you were small, you remember those rub on tattoos that used to itch like crazy and crack after the first hour – well this is the next generation. Now kids can create Gladiator style tatoos with this fantastic Tat2 Pen. The set comes complete with 6 stencils, perfect to give everyone in the family a different mark for Christmas day! The effect is very dramatic, and far better than a rub-on one free with sweets! After kids have created their tatoo, they can simply wash it off and create a new one.

Also, I’m sure there will be plenty of fun after the kids have gone to bed and the adults draw funny faces on each other. Whatever you want one for, they are available for just £14.99 from Character-Online.

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