Game of Thrones Legacy Figurines

A week’s a long time to wait for the next episode of Game of Thrones. At ToyHype we are consoling our geeky selves by drooling over the second wave of the Game of Thrones Legacy Collection action figures from Funko…and they really are a thing of beauty.

These highly detailed action figures have at least 20 points of articulation each and come with their own removable accessories. In the first wave of the Legacy collection these included Daenerys’s dragon Drogon, and Jon Snow’s Longclaw. The latest range will include more removable weapons, armour and character specific items, which is brilliant news for the avid collector, but what we’re excited about is the photos Funko have released. You really have to marvel at the quality and detail of the faces in the second wave. Jamie Lannister and Brienne especially look fantastic, and the detail on Rob’s outfit is just amazing!

Each figure is 6inches tall, which makes Tyrion the same height as the Hound, and even though detail and quality excite us, we’re not the type of people to complain about inaccuracy…honest we’re not…it doesn’t bother us at all…cough

These figures are available to pre-order now from Forbidden Planet, so beyond the information the nice people at Funko tell us, all we know is which characters you can expect in this new release:

Khal Drogo
Jamie Lannister
Robb Stark
Arya Stark
Daenerys Targaryen (Ver. 2)

Check out the full range including the first set of the collection which is available now from Forbidden Planet.

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