Furby’s back, and it’s got an App!

This week Toys R Us released their Pre-order facility for Christmas toys, and top of that list was a toy first breaking the record books back in 1998 – Furby.

Love them or hate them it’s time to start brushing up on your Furbish. For those readers too young to remember them the first time round, Furby is an interactive toy that has a mind of its own. Furbys develop a personality based on how they are treated. You need to talk to it, tickle it, play music for it, even feed it…think of a loud, active Tamagotchi (actually, if you can’t remember a Furby, you’ll never remember those).

So what’s new? What will make mums and dads fork out £60 for these toys this Christmas? Well, a Furby speaks English and Furbish, and now you get a free App that translates Furbish…no, really. You can also use it to feed your Furby. Only available on Apple iOS now, no word of an Android equivalent just yet.  If you just can’t wait to pre-order, check out Toys R Us for all the colours.

Words don’t do Furby justice, so here’s the offical Hasbro video – enjoy!

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