Ewe can help your little ones sleep with Ewan The dream sheep

kids sleep toy

We’re feeling a little sheepish about the baaaaaaad pun, we promise not to let our shear lack of sincerity result in ramming any more sheep puns down your throat…

O.k, now we’ve got them all out our system, we won’t pull the wool over your eyes any more (sorry, couldn’t resist), let’s find out how the Dream Sheep the sleep toy will help babies sleep!

Ewan the Dream Sheep

kids sleep toy

Attaches securely to cot bars or can be placed next to your moses basket.

Ewan the Dream Sheep plays real heartbeat and womb sounds, mimicking the noises babies hear inside the womb to settle babies and toddlers into a peaceful slumber. This helps calm and settle even the most restless of babies as they make the transition from womb to world.

Ewan the sheep emits a soothing pink glow too in order to replicate aspects of the womb which has been proven to comfort babies!

The Velcro tail means he can go where you go! Attach to the buggy or car seat and your little one can drift off on the go too! We’ve even heard of some people attaching a dummy to him.

Have you got some tricks or toys for getting babies off to sleep? We’d love to hear them, just comment below!

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