The escape from Arkham Asylum!

Forbidden Planet have the latest Arkham Asylum Action Figure Box Set available for pre-order. Expected on 23rd September, this new boxset has at least one of my colleagues making out his Christmas list early! The set features Batman, everyone’s favourite caped crusader, and three of his most terrifying, gruesome, and down-right insane enemies. The four figures, all in the latest colours of the DC Comic Merchandise range, also come with a 64 page graphic novel.

The book features stories about Gotham’s most notorious residents including; “Escape” from Showcase ’95 #11, “Workin’ My Way Back to You” from The Batman Chronicles #3, “Penguin Dreams” from Batman #585 and “Fool’s Errand” from Robin #85.

This entire boxset has £7 off right now, and is just £32.99 at Forbidden Planet

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