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EA’s FIFA franchise has dominated the sports genre within video gaming since the turn of the Century. This hugely successful series has had instalments released annually since 1993 and has produced a staggering 15 entries since its debut. Showing EA’s ability to reinvent the same game time and time again whilst still retaining popular features ensuring that the series has continued to break sales records and satisfy fans.EA Sports

Over the years various adaptations to the graphics have heightened the experience along with the Wii allowing part involvement and the future of actually participating will no doubt be incorporated to the ever popular platform.

The FIFA series benefits massively through being attached to the biggest internationally popular sport in the world, with supporters and fans travelling across the globe to watch their favourite teams play whilst millions of pounds being generated through football betting each year.

However, whilst these dedicated fans provide a pre-prepared audience, they also provide a tough group to appease, excite and include due to their knowledge, appreciation and passion for the sport, players and clubs.


With the E3 expo round the corner and the expected launch date to be revealed there with an insight into the game and its future, Toy Hype have had a look at a few issues needing addressed.

We can anticipate the usual squad updates, player stat’s updates, new stadiums, new squads, songs, chants, coaches, players, are all expected to be added to this edition of the game.

Apart from this, EA is also expected to emphasise on the emotional intelligence element of the game, giving it an even more realistic touch. One rumoured advancement to the game is goalkeeper intelligence. So we can expect to see goalkeepers standing in the centre circle.

Amongst the developments listed above, stretchers/ ambulances alongside medical staff are expected to be added to the game. Crowds are expected to be worked on, while new celebrations will most definitely be added. Live press conferences, manager dismissals, conservation stats, and new tactics are among the features that are expected to featured at the E3 conference.

FIFA 16 Women

Most importantly though is the inclusion of womens football for the first time in FIFA’s long history. Fifa 16 will allow gamers to play as women’s national teams enabling a 12 team selection compete in match day, an offline tournament, and online friendly matches.

The only downside is the restriction to select amount of nations. The available teams are: Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy, Mexico.

FIFA 16 is now available for pre-order on Amazon, Gamespot, Best Buy and other major online retailers. All the major sites have announced the pre-order of FIFA 16 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Though no official announcement of FIFA 16 pre-order is made by the EA Sports, but we expect the announcement during E3 2015 event.

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