Drones are taking off!

The Remote Controlled (RC) toy market has been evolving from cars and boats into planes and more recently Helicopters. The rise of the Kii Toys Quad-copter was recently covered in a previous blog where ToyHype highlighted the micro quadcopter that’s balance and movements where comparable with a Drone. The London Toy Fair in February of this year highlighted some of the up and coming drones completing various tasks, controlled through voice commands, water blasting and video taking.



Due to the rise in the want from consumers for Drones in conjunction with  more and more consumer-friendly drones hitting the market, giving anyone with a credit card the ability to fly a camera through the air while recording HD footage. The Parrot Bebop has hit the market and fulfills the brief.

The Parrot Bebop is a relatively small drone, it has an integrated camera that records 1080p video and still images, and aerial footage is steady. It’s easy to fly via the huge Skycontroller remote, even if it does raise the price tag significantly. This along with the rise in Virtual Reality (VR) gaming and the VR headset being compatible enables a fully immersive flying experience whilst staying stationary on the safety of land.


With the future developments already being previewed of Parrots own miniature drones offering the same standard of imagery through a smaller easier to control drone as well as competitors bring out more compelling drones incorporating smart phones, GoPro cameras and various virtual reality headsets allowing the drone market to be tipped as the next big thing in the toy, tech and camera market.



If the design of the  Parrot Bebop and look of the controls is what is attracting you as a buyer then there is very little big brands drones with the design features showcased on the market to compete with yet, though due to competitors entering the market the rise in designs and offerings will inevitably take off allowing the Parrot Bebop to currently be previewed as a leader in Drone design though the future developments from both Parrot and competitors is exciting! To find out more on the Parrot Bebop and Skycontoller visit their site here.

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