Disney Frozen Olaf Chatterbacks are Coming!

Olaf Chatterbacks

Olaf Chatterbacks or ‘Mini Snowgies’ feature in the new Disney Frozen Fever short animation – currently showing in cinemas!

The mini Olaf Chatterbacks take a prominent role in the new film, appearing every time Elsa sneezes whilst preparing for Anna’s birthday party. The crowd of super cute Olaf Chatterbacks soon cause a lot of hilarious antics.

The new toys have features that kids will recognise from the Frozen Fever animation – talk to them and they repeat what you have said with attitude as their heads and bodies bob up and down.

When will Olaf Chatterbacks be available?

The Olaf chatterback characters will be available this summer – from July 2015 for £14.99 each. They are available in an assortment of three different faces.

Olaf Chatterbacks

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