Cranium Super Fort – no adults required

Cranium super fortI remember building forts with blankets and my mum’s clothes pegs in between chairs and under tables, but I really wish they had these when I was wee enough to fit in them! The Cranium Super Fort is so easy to build, children aged 4 and up can safely make their own secret places to hide. The ingenious building system features quick-snap magnetic connectors to fix the flexible foam tubes together, and attach the colourful material panels making it super easy to build and (more importantly for the grown ups) easy to put away. It all fits neatly into the storage bag when play time is over!

Anything your child can imagine, they can build – a pirate ship, a fairy castle, or just a hiding place from little sister! There’s even a few suggestions and instructions included in the box to get the creative juices flowing. There’s now £10 off so for only £29.95 from Prezzybox, I think it’s a small price to pay to keep the furniture intact!

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