Clone wars bust ups

Star Wars lives again in the animated Clone Wars on the Cartoon Network and on DVD, and now Forbidden Planet has all of the merchandise to match. ‘Bust-ups’ are the latest way to bring the animation home – standing 2-3 inches tall, the minature sculptures are based on the 25-episode series Clone Wars. The series told tales of several battles including an assault on the banking clan on Munnilist, the kidnapping of Chancellor Palpatine, and an amazing battle between General Grievous and a gunship filled with ARC Troopers.

There are 2 collections available, the Clone Trooper set with Saesee, and the set with Saesee Unmasked. Contained in both collections are four different versions of the infamous Clone Troopers and also a new piece: Jedi Saesee Tiin. They come in several plastic pieces which fit together like a kit (glue not required)

The Clone Wars Bust-Ups are available from Forbidden Planet

This features a variant Saesee unmasked.

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