Celebrate May 4th with Star Wars POP! Vinyl Figures

May the fourth be with you all…and to celebrate, we’ve found the cutest Star Wars toys in all the ‘verse! We’re definitely feeling the love for the POP! series from Funko.

leiaOur love of all things retro, quirky and pop-culture-y is epitomised by the Funko brand. These are the lovely people who brought Bobbleheads back to popularity and now they’ve created the POP! Vinyl ranges of all of our favourite things.

Firstly, in honour of Star Wars Day, we give you the Star Wars POP! Vinyl Figures. My personal favourite in this range is the beautiful Princess Leia. Has that hair ever looked better?

spikeNext to get the POP! treatment are the characters from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise. Even the scariest baddies of all time ‘The Gentlemen’ have been turned into slightly-less-scary POP! cuties. Our favourite in this range? It’s hard to choose – is it Spike, or the Spike Vamp variant?!

There are plenty of other fantastic series to collect in Funko’s POP! range, but we couldn’t leave without mentioning our other obsession, The Walking Dead. The undead have never looked more cuddly. We love it!

Are you a POP! collector? Which is your favourite series?

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